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It’s 2023 – finally a FULLY VIRTUAL, faster and cheaper solution to having a land consult/audit or attend one of our Classes LIVE to enhance your knowledge with a Proven Whitetail Veteran - Chris Brackett 

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Meet The Team
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Meet Chris .

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Chris Brackett - Central IL born and raised where his first word was duck.  He is known for his incredible archery skills and ability to read a mature whitetail like no other.  Both of these talents took him to the top through 2 National award winning tv shows - Arrow Affliction and Fear No Evil on the Outdoor Channel.  Chris has hunted 40 plus states and has taken 20 plus B&C animals.  He has spent his life studying topography, flow and travel habits of whitetails as they are his absolute passion bar none.  Chris has spent months traveling to put boots on the ground on client's farms turning them into Whitetail Wonderlands.  He is an expert in native grasses, food plots, waterholes, thermal cover, trees and everything it takes to hold mega bucks.  Harness his experience through a Virtual Consult or Class to put all the odds in your favor this next season!!  

When you have a target buck, it's not if but when you will get a crack at him by following Chris's techniques and plans.  After years of traveling the country, Chris felt like there was something missing and more he can do to reach more people faster and cheaper.  This idea spawned the virtual consult and live classes where you can meet face to face and ask him questions directly.  This type of interaction will allow computer screen sharing to go over maps, videos and pictures to dial in and discuss adjustments to complete your dream hunting property.  Chris is an exceptional Land Real Estate Professional, specializing in hunting land sales in IL and is passionate about helping people find that perfect piece of dirt to fit their needs.  One way you can utilize his knowledge is to book a consult and show him all your parcels you are interested in purchasing.  He will break down each property helping you get the best price no matter what state your looking.  If you own or lease a ground, what better way to save time and money then to scrub your ideas and expectations past an expert first before execution of your plan.  Plan twice and execute once, Chris is ready to help make your dream property a reality.

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Virtual Consults .

What will you get?

  • You Pick the Topics!! (submit in the text box during booking process)

  • Virtual Review of your land (On-X, Google Earth, etc)

  • Basic Strategies – Stand/Blind Placement, Entrance/Exit, Food Plot Placement, Food Plot Crops, Screening [HOW TO HUNT YOUR LAND TODAY!!!], review pictures of your land (if desired)

  • Complex Strategies – Tree/Shrub Planting, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), Warm Season Native Grass Plantings, Sanctuary designation and creation, water holes

  • Other – Pick Chris’s brain on any topics (shooting, decoying, anything is fair game)

  • When – Choose an available date/time on Chris’s calendar and proceed to booking/payment

  • How – Once a virtual session is booked and accepted, Zoom invite and details will be sent to your email

Physical & Virtual Consult Package

What will you get?

- 1 Pre Online Consult
- "Boots on the Ground" On Location / Clients Dirt
- On-X Map Sharing
- 2 Post Online Consults

Note - All 3 Online Consults include the above description for each online session

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Virtual Consult Booking

Physical & Virtual Consult Booking

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The Land Life Experience

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

“The Land Life Experience” 

Tour Chris’s 100 acre Home Farm in Elmwood, IL and learn everything from planting crops, switchgrass, trees and much much more!!  You’ll be staying in his fully remodeled home in which food and lodging accommodations will be provided.  Spend the day walking the farm, learning, socializing and see all his tips and tricks what it takes to raise and kill giant deer

Dates - February 10th - February 12th
2/10 (afternoon check in), 2/11 (farm tour), 2/12 (morning check out)

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